Nigeria 2017

Soteria Business School
Soteria Business School, Oke Ado, Ibadan

Lives Transformed Through Jesus and Education. Andy Economides completed two mission trips during the past 9 months. The Good News was boldly proclaimed and discipleship undertaken throughout including in 5 secondary schools. Many received Christ or renewed their commitment to Christ. Young Muslim school children heard about Jesus, the Saviour who died for sins for all. In all schools the Soteria Business School (SBS) was promoted and advertised. Bible teaching was given at the Soteria School in twelve morning assemblies. Interviews were conducted at the SBS to award scholarships to needy young people. Scholarships were also awarded to 13 new children to attend Prospect School, the second Soteria Trust project in Nigeria. Andy gave a seminar on ‘Managing Personal Finance’ to the entire SBS, covering: budgeting, need vs want, contentment and saving. This was greatly appreciated by staff and students. Jana Stetinova trained SBS staff and did extensive discipleship with students and Soteria School staff throughout the trip. Jana says; “It gives me joy to see young people’s lives transformed through the work of Soteria which offers each one a new hope in Christ and a brighter future through education. It has been a real privilege to be a part of this unique work for 11 years”.

Summary of Missions:

SBS Graduation
SBS Graduation
  • Visited 5 Schools, 3300 students heard the Good News.
  • Preached 27 times; Sunday services, SBS assemblies, Bible studies & schools.
  • Baptised 1 SBS student, mother and young car mechanic.
  • 13 Sponsorships awarded to children to attend Prospect School.
  • 12 Sponsorships awarded to young people to study at SBS.
  • Awarded 17 2-year International Chichester College Diplomas in Administration, Computing and Business at the Soteria School Graduaton with 80 graduating.
  • Extensive training and discipleship of staff and students and project management (Jana).
  • 1000 Discipleship books True (by A. Economides) freely given to school children.
  • Canteen hand dryer, PC screen, library books taken to SBS from UK.
  • Toyota Corolla second-hand car bought to replace the old school car.
  • Andy spoke at New Life Bible School.
Gospel Seminar at Secondary Schools
Andy Economides writes:
Two special days were when I took a 45 minute seminar at two secondary schools with over 70 students packed in a shabby classroom. I spoke about the importance of education, promoted the Soteria School and then Jesus. The children listened so very well. At the same time I was doing that my colleague Pius was also taking a seminar in a different classroom. At the end I invited all to turn from sin, trust in Christ and take God’s gift of the Holy Spirit. It was a precious and moving moment”.

New Courses for Soteria Business School
Much work was carried out by Andy and Jana with the staff at the SBS in order that two new International Diploma Courses can be introduced which will increase the number of students. These qualifications are recognised by polytechnics and universities in Nigeria for degree programmes. In November the SBS made the necessary application to the Nigerian Board for Technical Education (NBTE) based in Kaduna, north Nigeria. The application was made in person by Ken, the SBS consultant to the NBTE board. This was the first step of many. We hope to start the courses late 2017 and NBTE procedures and requirements must be met for approval.
Ani receiving Chichester College Diploma

Ani, age 20
Receiving Chichester College Diploma

‘My Life Has Changed’, says Ani
Ani (20) is a scholarship student at the SBS on the Administration, Computing and Business course. From the age of 3 Ani was at Prospect School and was offered a continuation of her scholarship at the SBS. She received her Chichester College two year diploma at the graduation in October 2016. Ani says; “Since I came to Soteria Business School my life has changed and God has been living in me”.

Soteria Sponsorships for young people
Soteria Trust also provides scholarships for over 70 needy young people to study at the Soteria Business School. When sponsored young students complete their course their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable person or child or SBS worker and details sent. The courses vary in length from about 3 months to 2 years or so. This means some sponsors may sponsor one or two or more students per year.

Sponsorships for children
Children replying to Sponsors
Children Replying to Sponsors

Soteria Trust provides sponsorship for children’s schooling through Prospect School. Prospect is a pre-school, primary and secondary school all in one. Children sponsored at Prospect will attend school from a few years to many. When children leave Prospect their sponsors will be informed and their kind sponsorship transferred to another needy or vulnerable child or young person or SBS worker and details sent. All sponsored children from Prospect will be given the opportunity to transfer to the Soteria Business School. Some of these children will accept the offer and go to the SBS for further study.