Child Sponsorship

With financial support Soteria Trust raised £19,000 allowing the purchase of land and start of Prospect Children’s School. Prospect Children’s School was opened in January 2000. The school has a Christian ethos and consists of nursery, primary and secondary education. The school educates children of all faiths and backgrounds. It is located in Apata, a largely rural area within Ibadan. The school has the capacity to educate 500 children. There are currently up to 417 children at the school and 28 staff. Soteria has awarded over 156 sponsorships to needy children and is currently sponsoring 60.

Sponsorship for needy Children

Soteria Sponsored Child

For just £24 a month you can provide a child with education at Prospect Children’s School where he will receive an excellent education in a safe, pastoral and caring environment by dedicated and committed staff.

Please request a sponsorship pack to sponsor a child Alternatively e-mail or telephone the Soteria office for more details.
Tel: 01243 377315  Email:


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